Through communication, information technology, media and business, Changeways International aims to initiate activities and work with partners to move UK and the world to just and equitable society.

We provide personal and group life coaching, arrange and conduct events, develop national and international media and communication strategies, and establish effective websites.

We are an international team, with experience in working in over eighty countries.

During Agust 2011, riots engulfed some major cities in England. The official government report highlighted the dire lack of opportunities for young people to find direction and purpose in life. The budget austerity measure have bit deeply into community initiatives to care for the disadvantaged. The financial crisis has revealed the vulnerability of our economic foundations. Scandals in the BBC, the Leveson inquiry and the MPs expenses fraud point to the need for ethical values and integrity in our value systems.

Throughout the world, the appalling food waste, climate change, a ferocious tussle to secure natural resources to maintain our unsustainable life-styles threaten the very fabric of our societies and nations.

All these point to the need for new ways of thinking and living. New economic, social and political approaches are needed.

 Changeways is committed to addressing the moral and spiritual dimension of sustainability: enabling people to think beyond their narrow confines, uniting people in common action to make a positive difference in society.

Throughout the UK and the world, there are similar seeds of hope. These are sown by community groups and organisations. A wave of organisations are emerging in inner cities and rural communities. Change and development is taking place at local levels.

Changeways aims to to be part of that positive wave of action, enabling individuals, groups, business, government and the civic society, to make a difference.